Who We Are

Our Story

PLUNK started off as techy Josh Carter and musician Danny Casler were frustrated with the lack of seamless integration between emerging technology, and the entertainment industry it is poised to serve. There was a market here for brands to more effectively engage their audience with their brand or enterprise. As their idea took hold, PLUNK quickly formed with a snowball following of support.

Our Core Values

  • Be Better Today Than We Were Yesterday
  • Be Transparent
  • Start With Wow
  • Ask Tough Questions
  • Create Fun

Meet The Team

These are the awesome people that make Plunk possible.

Josh Carter

Josh Carter


Danny Casler

Danny Casler


Burk Jackson

Burk Jackson

Creative Officer/Partner

Earl Balai Jr

Earl Balai Jr

UI/UX & Engineering

Chadd Olesen

Chadd Olesen

VP of Business Development

Nick Heldreth

Nick Heldreth

Business Development Manager

Adam Paddock

Adam Paddock

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy


What We Do

Social Media

The Social Media world is a crazy one, and other companies often throw your brand in without direction.

PLUNK creates customized Social Media campaigns that are focused on finding the direct route to your audience. We are introducing custom, consolidated API, and UI solutions to give the power of managing and building your brand back in your hands.

social media


PLUNK was built out of a core belief that the best technologies to enable you and your brand to have the most meaningful interactions are being developed right now! The development for your brand is always from the ground up.

By combining emerging technology, our expertise, and your needs, we develop personal, meaningful experiences for your audience.

Marketing Strategy

Our strategy is simple; keep your audience constantly engaged in your brand with an intuitive, original, and worthwhile experience. Because this has the most impact with your fans, we will never convolute communications with misleading information, or meander your brand through the market.

At PLUNK, we know that your brand needs to have a constant, direct presence in your fans hands. We’ll get you there. When we take your concerns as enterprise, or brand owners, we make sure that the exposure you’re getting is congruent with your vision, and beyond. Engaging your brand is the first step, understanding your audience is the sustenance for growth in your enterprise PLUNK provides.



Where are your fans? When are you getting the most exposure? What platforms are your fans using most? Where can you increase your efforts on advertising? What kind of advertising is most effective?

 Woah, woah, woah, don’t fret, PLUNK is here! We know how incomprehensible analytic data is. We’ve taken the most impactful data and translated that directly into your constantly malleable marketing strategy.

While presenting you with accurate data, we’ll always let you know exactly how that data translates into ROI for your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the backbone of your digital footprint. It's the tool in which your customers find you. Plunk analyzes your current environment and works with you to provide a meaningful solution with measurable results. Your customers are out there. You will work with our knowledgeable staff who can navigate you through the confusing waters of SEO with a focus on how to grab those customers that will lead to a long lasting business relationship.

Search engine optimization

Our Work

360 Player Demo

360 Player(in house)

360 Player is a music player application designed for iOS 8.
Epic Food


Catering service application


An image sharing application.

Untitled Project(mockup)

A sample screen for group discovery.

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