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Started in 2013, Plunk began as a way to bridge the gap that existed between the technology and entertainment industries. However, as the conversation became more detailed, Plunk found that every industry was struggling with how they could use technology to connect with the people they want to reach. This started a snowball effect in which the team started to build solutions that put technology in business’ hands in a way not many were, or are, doing today. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Plunk has been working to ensure that they stay in the forefront of that ever changing landscape with prolific design and understanding the challenges of today’s business. Through comprehensive discovery, Plunk is able to take the needs of the company and turn them into radical solutions that can build brand loyalty and put the business in a position to grow at a rapid pace and include the scalable data needed to be there for years to come.

Our Core Values

  • Be Better Today Than We Were Yesterday
  • Be Transparent
  • Be Accountable
  • Start With Wow
  • Ask Tough Questions
  • Create Fun

Meet The Team

These are the awesome people that make Plunk possible.

Josh Carter

Josh Carter


Burk Jackson

Burk Jackson

Creative Officer/Partner

Chadd Olesen

Chadd Olesen

VP of Business Development

Justin Idlet

Justin Idlet

Business Development Manager

Adam Paddock

Adam Paddock

Inbound Marketing Strategist

Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy


What We Do

Native and Mobile Application Development

Through a thorough understanding of the business, Plunk takes a "customer first" approach at understanding what kind of experience would be best to build the connection between the business and the consumer to ensure the application is well utilized. With a different approach to design, Plunk offers a full-service approach in putting together applications that are meaningful and valuable.

social media

Website Design/Deployment

Websites are becoming easier to build and deploy everyday. However, not every site is created equal. You want a website that speaks to your audience and gathers the information needed to be agile. Your business doesn’t need a template. Your business needs a solution. Let Plunk’s incredible Web Developers come up with a solution that meets the challenges of your business head on and ensures you’re connecting with the right people every time.

Social Media Strategy/Optimization

The social media world is a complex ever changing one. You’re never sure which social media platform will yield the best results. Stop wasting your time on platforms that will never gain you the right channel to connect with the people most likely to business with you. Plunk can help ensure that you are getting in front of the right audience.

Social Media Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools for your business. It’s how people will find you. If you don’t have the right information in your website, you could be leaving money on the table. Plunk has one of the best SEO teams in the industry. Let us show you how to get better results on the top search engines that will give you a leg up on your competition. If they’re not finding you, who are they finding?


This is the backbone of how a business stays in front of the latest trends with their customers. The information collected is an invaluable asset when working towards a goal and ensuring you are prepared for what’s ahead. Plunk can help you navigate the complex landscape with our own in-house analytic tools that give you more insight than ever before. Now you can have a clearer picture around what’s working and what’s not. Companies that can adapt to changes in their business are the ones that thrive. Those that do not account for this important aspect of their business struggle to succeed. Let us show you how to succeed.


Our Work

Project Pabst 2015

Project Pabst Mobile App

Project Pabst in Portland, OR 2015
Epic Food


Catering service application


An image sharing application.

Eden Bikes App(iOS)

Easily manage maintenance and social rides

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Main Office: (971) 205-7169

We're located at 1430 SE Water Ave, Ste 202, Portland, OR. 97214

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